... there is no doubting the sheer visual magic of “Artifact,” the sculpture by Gregory Barsamian featured here. A giant head like the top of an ancient colossus lies on its side in the darkened space. Bright blinking lights radiate from blob-shaped windows built into its steel-plate surface.
- Ken Johnson, New York Times / full article
Gregory calls his multimedia reconstructions 'transfigurations'. In true 19th-century fashion he brings together art and science to help him recreate the subconscious. The result is fascinating, fun, and unavoidably engaging.
- Barbara A. MacAdam, Art News
The most memorable contribution to San Franscisco's Center for the Arts inaugural exhibition... a potential popular hit which is totally appropriate for the visionary cultural center that aims to serve San Franscisco's diverse communities
- David Bonetti, San Francisco Examiner
No less highminded was Barsamian's imagery of airborne metamorphosis in the final gallery upstairs... both morphologically and in terms of prolonged delight.
- Bill Berkson, Art in America
The most remarkable objects in this exhibition an thetheme of voyeurism are the sculptural animations of Gregory Barsamian: the technology is primitive, a three-dimensional version of the little flip books that children flip through-but the effect is transcendent.
- The New Yorker
...In Mr Barsamian's world, angels look like menacing aircraft, book knowledge does not begin to lead us beyond what he sees as ourprehistoric selves, and no matter how fast we run we can only stay in place. This is an artist who sees self-importance and self deception everywhere and wants people to stop for a moment and take a good look at themselves and their myths.
- Michael Brenson, The New York Times
Putti transform themselves into helicopters. Hands scoop the words (and lizards) out of liquid books. These kinetic constructions are pure strobe-light-assisted magic illusion... this may be the trickiest and most peculiar show in town.
- Levin, The Village Voice
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